Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Grammy's Little Moments

As we grow older we have more time to reflect on what we missed or passed up in our past. Oh how I wish I could go back in time and change lots and lots of things... but this is just not possible.. So I will move forward.. I would like this blog to be about Me, My Wonderful Husband, My Forgiving Loving Children and my beautiful Grand babies.. I want to share my special moments I have with them. I want them to know how much I love them and how proud i am of all of them.. My Heart is full of Joy as I think about my Family. My Husband Bart.. and the fun that he brings to my life. He makes everything fun and exciting. He reminds me to stay grounded and to look at the good things in my life. He is always happy. always joking and always finds the good in all people.. especially me.. He is my hero, the love of my life.. I am so grateful that he is a patient man.. We have five children. Matthew, Jordon, Franklin, Lora and Cort. Each one of them has brought something wonderful to our lives.. They all 5 have their different personality's and each one of them loves me the same.. How wonderful it is to have such great kids that you know are good people and that I know love each other very much.. A mother could not ask for anything more..... except...... Grand kids...

My oldest son is Matthew Bart. Matthew was born after 4 years of trying to have children.. we were so excited when we found out he was on his way.. The name Matthew means Gift from God. He truly was a gift from God.. He filled our home with expression, he had a million different expressions.. He was a happy baby.. growing up he was a perfectionist at everything he did, he loved making and building things, which is why he is so good at what he does.. Cabinetry. He married Kelly Wilcox Peterson (an identical twin) when he was 19. They live in Utah. They have my first Grandson.. Ace.. He is so much like his daddy.. he has a million expressions.. and he uses them daily. I love to spoil my bubby Ace.. Grammy loves you Acer... They have another little Boy coming in Feb. 09. we are so excited for them.

My second Son is Jordon Adams. Jordon came just 13 month's after Matthew.. we were thrilled when we found out he was on his way.. They told us that we might not get anymore real soon.. Jordon brought a tender heart to our family... He was a wonderful baby.. quiet, calm and he two had a smile a mile wide.. he was so tender with everything.. his big brown eyes lit up when anyone would talk to him which made him a chick magnet early on... haha. He was a determined boy.. and still is... He is a flooring salesman. He married Charlotte Caroline Wahlgren Peterson(a paternal twin). They live in Ammon, Id. They have not been blessed with children as of yet.. but lots of people are praying for them..

My third and middle son is Franklin Jay Peterson. Frank came 16 months after Jordon.. Again we were thrilled to have a third child.. After all they said that maybe we would not be lucky twice... ha we fooled them... Frank came into the world with a smile.. (unless you were taking his picture) He was a very quiet baby.. always joyful and happy.. He slept through the night from day one.. and only cried when he was really hungry... but he was determined (stubborn some might call it.).. once he was old enough he was very independent... he wanted to do everything himself.. I think in his own way he has not grown out of that.. He is a lot like his Father.. He is working as a plumber and going to school. He married Kayla Misrasi Peterson. they live in Utah.. Frank and Kayla recently had twins about 15 weeks early.. We said goodbye to our little angel Carter Cort Peterson, grammy's little punkin, who was just to weak to stay here.. His sister, Tori Lynn is in primary children's hospital.. she is 2 weeks old.. She is grammy's little sweet pea... She is beautiful.. An Angel Among Us... Tori Lynn passed away on Nov.13, 07 exactly one month after her little brother Carter Cort.

My fourth child and only Daughter is Lora Peterson.. Oh my.. she was born just 20 months after Franklin... and she brought tenderness and a spark of female flair to our home. She was a strong willed little thing... She was a good quiet baby until she turned 2.. then she learned to express herself. and that she did.. all the time... what a wonderful personality.. She knew she would need to be strong.. living with all brothers.. and she was... She always seemed to take care of herself.. but if one of them needs her.. she is usually the first one there.. she is a wonderful sister.. She works as a Patient Sdvocate for Select Health.. She loves her job... She married Daniel Mitchell.. They two have not been blessed with children as of yet.. but again.. our prayers are with them..

Our last son, Cort William Peterson was born just 16 months after Lora.. He weighed in at 8 pounds 9 oz.. He was born with a blood infection.. so he had to stay in the hospital for 14 days.. He was this huge baby in the NICU with all these tiny babies.. He was a good baby.. hardly ever cried.. and was strong from the get go... People would call him Arnold Baby.. by the window because he was so big and looked like a muscle baby compared to the other babies in the nursery.. When the doctors came to talk to me about him.. they could not believe how strong he was.. they just kept saying he had a strong grip... then when he was two, he would go to exercise with me and Lora and all the ladies could not believe how strong he was... they just kept saying how strong he was... When he was 8 his friend fell off a skate board, and Cort without a second thought picked him up and took him home.. I remember thinking.. Oh my he is strong... When he was in high school, he would get up to bat and all the people in the stands would comment on how strong he was... If he hits that ball it will go a mile.. they would say.. and when he hit it did go a mile... He was so strong.. He works now for LB Foster.. building track panels.. swings a sledge hammer all day.. his co workers comment all the time how strong he is.. He Is getting ready to leave on an LDS Mission to Africa.. I look at him and I say to myself.. How strong he is... Not the physical strength... but the spiritual Strength.. He is a spiritual giant... His muscles are big... but his heart is bigger...

Okay.. there you have some info on our children... they are all individuals and yet my love for each of them grows daily... Our family is growing, and we love them all... each wife or husband has been the perfect spouse for our kids... amazing how that works.. Kids: Your Father and I love you very much.. our prayers are with you always... MOM and DAD


BadBart said...

WOW !!!
I don't know what to say. I am in awe of this woman.
And to think she chose me.!!!

Matchbox Mom said...

Unbelieveable, isn't it, Uncle Bart?
I love you both!!!


carrie & troy keiser said...

I just came from Tami's blog. My heart goes out to your family.