Friday, January 16, 2009




The Adams Family said...

Carrie, I don't look at your blog for 4 days and look what happens! a new baby was born and there is another one on the way, how exciting! are you here yet? if not when are you coming? my baby is coming on the 11th maybe if you are here you can see him. let me know how things are going. Love Ya! hope to see you, call me!

Grammy Carrie said...

Yes that is what happens... He was a bit early... He is in NICU. He was having some breathing problems.. and he has an infection but he is doing really great.. We are here now.. Maybe going home on Sunday.. I might stay if he is not home yet.. I will have to see what Kelly has in store for me... Maybe she won't want her Mother-In-Law butting in.. I would love to see Lindzee's baby.. I will let you know if I stay.. love you.. Carrie