Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Papa reading to the BOYS.. but look who feel asleep..!! You guessed.. it was PAPA

Papa was reading to Ace the other night.
Ace loves his Papa.
I decided to put Rusty in with them
and take their picture.
how fun these little kids are.. Ace loves to read.
He sits in his room and reads all kinds of books..
It is really cute..!!
Notice the title of the book they are reading.
I guess Grammy better get out of the room.
I think Papa put himself to sleep reading...
Ace making his get away...!!!!
Papa was so tired..!!!
2 Yr olds wearout
51 Yr olds..

Ace thought Papa needed to be tucked in...!!
What a fun little guy...!!
Oh we are going to miss them so much...!!


Matchbox Mom said...

I thought for sure Rusty would tucker out before papa, but I was wrong! how cute!
I love how Rusty is trying to latch on to Ace...LOL

Love you!

Grammy Carrie said...

That's what Kelly said.. hahahaha

Dan & Lora said...

I think I have the CUTEST nephews ever... So darling