Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Our Angel Tori returned to play with Carter

Yesterday Nov. 13Th Our little Sweet Pea Tori Lynn returned to Heaven to play with her little Brother Carter Cort. I cannot tell you how much this little Angel meant to all of us.. She is a wonderful spirit. She touched more people in one month then most of us do in a life time.. They will always be in my heart.. I have 3 beautiful grandchildren that I love very much.. I have been blessed.. Tori and Carter.. I imagine you as toddlers playing on green grass holding hands and laughing together.. what a beautiful way to think of you two.. Your Grammy and Grampy will never forget you... We Love you..
Frank and Kayla.. this is something that no parent should ever have to go through. But those two sweet spirits were so perfect.. Your Father and I are very proud of the two of you.. How you have handled things.. Looked at all sides, then made your decisions. Kayla, you worried about everyone else around you and how they were feeling, that is a quality that most of us wish we could have.. You truly are a daughter of God, and he loves you... Our prayers are with you.. We Love you, MOM and DAD


Matchbox Mom said...

Merry Christmas Aunt Carrie!! We love you!!!

Steven,Tam,Janie,Joshua and Jaden

Grammy said...

Carrie, how my heart aches for you with the loss of your beautiful little grandbabies. I know how I feel about my grandkids, and I don't think I could ever bear to lose one. You are incredibly strong, as is your family, or this experience would not have been yours to bear. May you continue to love and strengthen each other and lean on God. You know they were very special and valiant spirits to our Father, and he picked a very special family to give them the one thing they needed to be totally perfected. What a privilege you have all had to be associated with these angel babies, to assist in their short, but necessary sojourn here on the earth. Love to you!