Sunday, November 9, 2008

2 Peterson's to Yuma

The Annual Peterson Pheasant hunting trip to Yuma.
Since we moved to Colorado, Bart and the boy's would head to Yuma, Co.
for Pheasant Hunting.. Bart and I held up that tradition this weekend..

I am now Bart's official Hunting Partner..

Bart and I packed up the Expedition with snacks, shotguns, shell vests, hunting clothes and of course Bogey..(the dog).. We headed on out to Yuma, Co.

I was excited to actually shoot at something besides a clay pigeon with my 20 gauge. We got in real late due to the fact that we missed our exit and had to back track a bit.. We checked into our Hotel and just got to sleep (1:30 a.m.) when Bart gets a phone call on his cell phone.. Thinking that it was a telemarketer, he is quite abrupt with the caller.. She must have said Cort's name because his tone changed and I think we both woke up real quickly at that time. (Cort had asked us to send him some money through western union, so he could get some gifts for Christmas. We have sent some western unions before and he was able to get them.. but this time we had to send them to a different country than Zimbabwe, and a member was picking it up for him.) She explained that she needed the number for the western union.. So at 2 a.m. Bart ran to the car and got my laptop.. we turned it on.. and could not get any service... unless.... Bart held on the wireless card and put his elbow on the wall and put his other hand on the right side of my computer... ha ha... ( It is funnier if you can picture Bart standing in his underwear holding onto the laptop while it is on top of the TV... and me standing on a chair in my jammies so that I could see the keyboard) and then when we tried to get to any page ( my email ) it took 10 minutes to upload each one.. so it took us a while to find the different emails and numbers that we needed.. and finally at 4:30 a.m. we got to turn the lamps off.. Well, Pheasant hunting was supposed to start at 6:30 a.m.. I think we got up just before 8:00 a.m.. We got ready to go and headed out to the walk in access areas.... I was not feeling to good when we left, sore throat and stuffy nose... But something happened when I got out in the sun and wind.. My eyes started watering and I could not open them long enough to hunt.. So Bart and Bogey took the first few fields. Bart or should I say Bogey was successful in the first field. He was a great hunting dog this year.. and very well behaved... Finally the Sun went behind a cloud and 8 sinus tablets later I was ready to hunt.. we came to a great looking spot.. I waited at one end of the field while Bart and Bogey came my way... and sure enough.. Bogey brought up another bird... I did not get to shoot at it because it flew right over Bart.. Bart got a few shots off... but the bird was successful.. Then we finished it off with a traditional trip to the Yuma Pizza Hut.. We have two birds sitting in salt water in the fridge waiting for me to cook them tomorrow night.. What a great weekend.. even if I was sick.. I had fun on my first real Pheasant Hunt..

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Matchbox Mom said...

how fun!! I'm laughing so hard at the thought of you two trying to work the computer that early in the morning! Good story! hahaha!
I hope you get feelin better! Enjoy those birds!