Monday, November 10, 2008

When did they lose themselves..???

About 2 weeks ago Bart and I had to go to the County building.
On Our way back to work,
Bart decided he wanted a drink on ice...
so we stopped at Loaf n Jug..
As we pulled into the parking lot,
A very grubby, dirty, sad looking Man came out of the store.
I said to Bart at that moment..
When do they lose their hope..???
and pointed at the homeless Man.
Bart did not have an answer.. He just said it's sad isn't it..?
I decided to wait in the Truck while Bart went inside.
I was looking at the Electoral paperwork that we had to study.
As I did this.. I saw movement out of the corner of my eye.
I looked in the direction of the movement, and I saw the homeless man
a little unsteady on his feet trying to open a pack of cigarettes.
I watched as an employee of Loaf n Jug, smiling,
helped him open his package.
She patted him on the back and sent him on his way.
She herself looked a little ragged and worn.
I thought to myself what an unselfish person.
She was cleaning the parking lot with one of those sweepers
like you see at a carnival,
with the little attached dust pan,
She did not have to help him, But she chose to..
I smiled and looked back at my papers..
I raised my head to see which direction this man went..
I noticed he had sat on a small retaining wall by the sidewalk..
As I watched him.. I again thought out loud..
Why do they lose their hope..? What makes them like this...?
I did not have an answer... I felt something for that man...
As he sat on the retaining wall, several people passed him..
2 ladies walked by him, spoke to him, smiled at him,
which he smiled back at..
Then i noticed another lady,
dressed a bit more nicer then the first two...
She was walking towards us pushing a bike..
She stopped abruptly on the sidewalk when she saw the man..
I watched as she looked to the road and to the parking lot behind him...
She chose to go up a small dirt hill into the parking lot
as opposed to walking past him...
Oh, I prayed he did not see her pause..!!
It bothered me that she would let his looks
make her change her direction..
When Bart got back in the truck, I stated...
Where do you think that man has Thanksgiving dinner..???
Who makes sure that Santa visits him on Christmas Eve..???
Where are his family..???
I am sure Bart thought I was crazy..
If he had only seen the look in this man's eyes
when those first two ladies and the employee
had made him smile..
I have thought about him a few times this last week..
And tears comes to my eyes...
What would I have done if I were walking down the street..???
Would I have been the one to smile..???
Or would I have been the one to walk behind and avoid..???
I don't really know..
I try to smile at people I don't know..
but would I have looked him in the eye...???
I don't really know.. and that bothers me...!!!!!
I would like to think that I would not only look him in the eye..
but I would tell him that his Heavenly Father loves him..
I still have questions..
and I know we all have choices.. but, do we..??
Doesn't everyone need someone
once in a while to build us up..??
I know I do...
Was someone missing the day he needed to be built up..??
Or, Did someone kick him when he was down..??
Or did he just decide to quit..???
Is that the time that he lost himself..???
Is that when he decided he did not fit in..???
Is that when he became helpless to help himself..???
We will probably never know..
But does that mean that God loves him any less then me.. ???
I believe Our Father in Heaven holds a special place
in his kingdom for these people..
I don't agree with giving up...ever..!!!!
but I don't believe we should judge others...!!
We should just try to care for them..
I was trying to find some answers to some of these questions..
and I came across these photo's..
Look into their eyes..

What made them lose themselves...???






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Engrained Emotions said...

Carrie, what a beautiful reminder, that we are all loved, and need each other.

Thank you .......